Online Safety

Internet safety advice for children about chat rooms, e-mail, the web and mobile phones is really important and as a parent you should help inform your kids on how to stay safe online.

Best bits of the Internet – how to access the FUN parts of the web! You can communicate and get information from all over the world, faster than the speed of light!

Education!! To put together the best homework exercises we will show you how to search the web to get the right information so that you can be top of the class.

Knowledge and understanding of the risks!! There are some risks when you are using the internet and mobile phones. This site will give you a better understanding of these risks and what to do if something unpleasant happens.

Options!! We want to help you to increase your safety and to be aware of your options so that you can have fun on-line. Follow the advice from each of the Cybernauts and you will have a cool time on-line.

Preventing online hacking

The advent of cheap, or free, access to the internet is encouraging each of us to spend longer on line.  The longer we spend online, the more at risk we are of people trying to access our computers without us knowing, leaving them open to accessing our data.  This is referred to as “Hacking”.

Software is rapidly becoming available for home users which will enable us to protect our computers from this type of attack.  This type of software is referred to as a “Firewall”.  Symantec’s Personal Firewall, and McAfee’s Hot Dog are two examples, reviews of which will appear here shortly.